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PROJEKT PERAGRO - A musical travelogue with original music.


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NO'MAD PROJEKT - No'mad Projekt collaborates with artistes of different genres to celebrate their musical expression in its most original form. We travel with the artistes to remote areas and capture, as unobstrusively as possible, the music they are inspired to create by their surroundings. 


No'mad projekt is a platform that attempts to synergize the harmonies of nature with that of man, through the boundless medium of art. 




ORISAI - Karnatic music has brought a certain flavour into the lives of the people of South India. The advent of technology, while it brought in a lot of positives, has also altered the sound of this music. It has changed the way artistes communicate their art, consequently changing the way audiences perceive the music. 


We at No'mad projekt believe that music is not just something you hear. It is something you see feel and sometimes even touch. Orisai brings you an immersive concert experience that hasn't been seen in the recent times. 


Presenting you, one of India's richest art forms in its rawest, most organic expression. Ambient amplification that will recreate the feel of a mic-less concert and visual design that will elegantly highlight the performance, facilitating seamless musical dialogue. This will be a minimalistic concert design to the present Karnatic music in all its natural radience.



SPARSH QUARTET - With a significant presence of uncongenial climate, four aspiring musicians hailing from chennai converge to innovate musical tradition.Their compositions are an amalgam of the elaborate and expressive Indian classical music also encompassing the style of symphonies from rest of the world.Thus they dabble in fusion music through their band,Sparsh.The motive is to orchestrate global music that drives the audience of diverse backgrounds to hit the peak of atonement and bliss. With notes woven on the fabric of silence,the acapella of the rhythm sans the tinge of monotonous commercial tunes.The richness of the lyric and hymn will have a healing sparsh(touch) on every soul,washing away the dust of everyday life.The band is out here to becharm the world and acknowledge universal acceptance for their alluring music. 

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