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The feasibility of teaching an instrument online has long been in debate. It is honestly, quite difficult for the teacher and the student to communicate and understand the intricacies of aspects like posture, fingering, and most significantly, the time lag in online mediums that makes it almost impossible to communicate timing and tempo. So over the years, I have refrained from teaching beginners over Skype/Zoom and I’ve been conflicted and confused with this decision. Is it objectively not possible to teach basic Mridangam lessons through a virtual medium? What is the relationship between the commitment of the student, the patience of the teacher, the expectations of the teacher and the pros and cons of the virtual medium itself. These questions helped me channelise my energy to create a YouTube tutorial for basic Mridangam lessons. This tutorial is for beginners or even for people who might have started, lost touch and want to get back to playing the instrument. In other words, The Mridangam Explorative is a way to explore the basics of this instrument, and the art form, and discover for yourself if and how you want to take it further.

This tutorial draws upon the lessons I was fortunate enough to learn from my Gurus Guruvayur Sri. Dorai, Uzhavoor Sri. P. K. Babu and Nellai Sri. A Balaji 

Videos Shot and Edited by 

Shreya Devnath 

Special Thanks

Vignesh Ishwar


Varisha Narayanan

Poster Design 

Shreya Devnath

Module Conceptualised and Presented by

Praveen Sparsh 

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