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Praveen Sparsh

There is music we seek out and listen to, and then there is the music that is simply around us, yet rarely heard.  There are melodies, rhythms, simple and complex, aural elements that blur the line between 'just sounds’ and ‘music’. Unreserved is an attempt at bringing these elements to the foreground, and letting the mridangam interact with these soundscapes. The artiste has sampled these sounds in their raw setting, created a digital template and then played the mridangam over it, letting the various elements collide in a beautiful spectrum of chaos, yet with a natural progression that very literally, allows the music to create itself. 

Track 1: Savari


Trombone - Jonah Levine

Trumpet - Aaron Janik

Bass - Napier Naveen Kumar 

Additional brass arrangement - Susha 

Mridangam, Konnakol and Kanjira - Praveen Sparsh 


Track 2: Fly


Violin - Shreya Devnath

Mridangam - Praveen Sparsh


Track 3: Maya

Mridangam - Praveen Sparsh

Track 4: Unreserved

Bass - Napier Naveen Kumar 

Mridangam, Konnakol and Kanjira - Praveen Sparsh 


Track 5: Bird Song

Additional arrangement and Konnakol - Shreya Devnath

Mridangam, Konnakol and Kanjira - Praveen Sparsh 

Album Mixed and Mastered by Ishit Kuberkar 

Music Composed and Produced by Praveen Sparsh

"This album draws us into every sound that we take for granted, be it the honk of an autorickshaw horn, the whispering wind or the aural shades that emanate from the mridangam. A stunning experiment."

T M Krishna

Singer, Author & Public Speaker

"Praveen Sparsh sets the bar very high for himself in this album. The rhythmic soundscapes of Chennai, the ambient sounds, the sharp horns, the sizzling konnakol leads us to the melodic Mridangam and symphonic climax in a halluninatory spiral. The new, the classical, the techno and ground breaking recording and mixing techniques makes this one the most innovative albums I have heard in a long time."

Rajiv Menon

Filmmaker & Cinematographer

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